The FIGUEIREDO & VELLOSO Law Office has an outstanding record in the areas of Economic and Corporate Law, especially with regard to the defense of clients accused of crimes against the economic and tax order, the financial system, the administration and the public finances and tendering crimes, social security, environmental and money laundering.

With experience in cases of great national importance involving police operations in the state and federal spheres, the Law Office provides legal counsel in police investigations, as well as in criminal proceedings in the first and second instances in the Superior Courts and in the Federal Supreme Court.

We offer our clients the services of consultation, legal counselling and elaboration of legal opinions and defense in criminal proceedings in the State and Federal courts and in legal proceedings in the Superior Courts. In addition, the Law Office advises and accompanies preliminary administrative procedures conducted in the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Parliamentary Inquiry Committees, Special Investigation Commissions and Processional Commissions.

The FIGUEIREDO & VELLOSO legal team is prepared to address the urgent needs typical of the criminal area, including counselling, monitoring of investigative activities, acting, representation and assistance with the Public Prosecution Service and, when necessary, providing criminal complaints and legal counselling in private criminal cases.