The Law Office

Established in 2010, the FIGUEIREDO & VELLOSO Law Office began by specializing in criminal law, counting on the experience of lawyer Ticiano Figueiredo. This direction was reinforced in 2015 with the arrival of partner Pedro Ivo Velloso, also a criminal lawyer, who made the rapid consolidation of the Law Office in the national scene possible. As a result of this evolution, the need arose to expand the field of practice to the civil sphere, which occurred in 2017 with the arrival of a new partner, civil lawyer Diego Campos.

The FIGUEIREDO & VELLOSO Law Office has a strong commitment to its clients, guided by responsible, ethical and confidential work. Our lawyers seek modern and innovative solutions that foster the improvement of legal institutions and the Judiciary system.

With headquarters in Brasília, near the Praça dos Três Poderes (the seat of government), the Law Office is active throughout Brazil, providing the best possible resources for the defense of its clients. The team of partners and collaborators is highly qualified in their specialized areas and endeavor to support all the needs of the clients they defend. In addition, they are qualified to offer services in English, French and Spanish.


Provide legal services focused on results, aimed at customer satisfaction, from excellence in service to commitment to the cause, originality and discretion.


To be reference in law practice in Brazil in its areas of practice, standing out for its ethical conduct, social responsibility, professionalism, extremely qualified team and the recognition of our clients for their confidence and trust.



Act ethically in a transparent and loyal way with clients and employees.

Establish relationships based on trust with clients and employees, upholding loyalty, discretion and earnestness.

Help clients discerningly, seeking and quickly identifying effective solutions to the demands presented.

Act in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, emphasizing respect for human beings, regardless of their position in society.